How To Celebrate A Royal Wedding

Royal weddings are elegant, fairytale events that are celebrated not only in the couple’s country, but all over the world. These joyful, beautiful occasions may only happen once or twice in your lifetime, so make this day one to remember!

To celebrate a royal wedding in style, throw a party worthy of a king–or queen! Dress up like a wedding guest, or emulate royalty with a crown or tiara. Decorate with flags and big pictures of the couple, and set up royal-themed games to entertain younger guests. Serve traditional food from the couple’s country and don’t forget a wedding cake! Watch the wedding on TV and toast the newlyweds with champagne when they say “I do.” To celebrate at a big community party or even travel to the wedding, read on!

Record the wedding to watch later if you’re working. In some countries, workers are given the day off work for a royal wedding. If you don’t live in the country, or the day hasn’t been declared a holiday, record the wedding on a DVR or DVD and hold the party once your guests are off work.

  • You could also watch a recording online. Some of the larger royal weddings are often streamed on YouTube live, then remain available afterwards.
  • If you’re determined to watch the wedding live, take a day or a few hours off of work.
  • Send out elegant invitations a few weeks before. Print invitations on nice, thick paper, with elegant decorations and a scripted font. You could write something fun and faux-formal, like, “We cordially invite you to celebrate the union of the Prince and Princess…” Request that guests RSVP by 1.5-2 weeks before the wedding so you have plenty of time to prepare.
    • You can also make the invitations more silly and informal. Decorate with cute pictures of crowns, the royal couple, or flags from their country.

Invite guests to dress in wedding or royalty-themed clothes. On your invitations, specify your party’s dress code–which can be wedding-themed too! Ask guests to come dressed up like royalty, with plastic crowns, suits, and long dresses, or encourage them to wear zany, patriotic costumes. You could also have guests dress up as though they’re guests at the real wedding.

  • For example, if you’re celebrating a British royal wedding, you could ask women to wear decorative, formal hats like guests at the wedding would. Men could wear morning suits with long tails.
  • If you’re watching the wedding at nighttime from a different time zone, invite guests to wear pajamas with plastic crowns or bow ties for a fun, relaxed theme.

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