How To Enjoy Your Wedding As A Pregnant Bride

A recent article declared “shotgun weddings” a relic of the past.[1] As society changes, it is increasingly common for couples to welcome children before their wedding and many brides even schedule the big day during the pregnancy. Since being pregnant can tax your body and emotions, you may not be sure how to enjoy the process of planning and enjoying your wedding if you’re pregnant. But by pulling together the details, having a relaxed wedding day, and dealing with potential stigmas, you can enjoy your wedding and your pregnancy at the same time.

ake timing into account. Pregnancy comes with various physical changes from nausea to fatigue and feeling like a balloon. Think about scheduling your wedding during your second trimester when morning sickness is usually gone and your baby hasn’t grown to a size that makes you feel large.[2]

  • Think about factors like fatigue and any medical issues you may be experiencing as a part of your pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes. This can help guide elements such as the time of day for the ceremony and reception, your food choices, and even how big of a wedding you want.[3] For example, if you tire easily, schedule the event for the afternoon and early evening, which may also help save money that you can put towards your honeymoon or baby.

Keep your wedding personal. Fatigue may be one of the biggest factors for you during the wedding, but you may also not entirely feel like yourself when you’re pregnant. Keeping your wedding personalized to your and your future husband’s wishes can help you enjoy the day to the fullest.

  • Concentrate on scheduling elements of the occasion that you are sure to enjoy. Remember that even because you’re pregnant, it’s still your day and you deserve to have the very best time possible.[5]
  • Stick to your wishes even if someone tries to sway you towards something else because you’re pregnant. You can say something like “I really appreciate your consideration on the reception and food, but I’ve had a chance to think about it and would like to do it this way.”

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